July 2019: Farewell to our summer intern

Honored to have had Rajini Sundar, Science teacher at Stilwell School of the Arts, and Keshaun Kelly, visiting our lab for the summer to learn about our research and how to take it back to the classroom.  And a special thanks to the GIFT program and CEISMC for sponsoring their stay.  Today we said goodbye to them at the GIFT program farewell luncheon, where Keshaun also presented a poster:


Also thrilled that CEISMC featured our lab in their highlights video!  Check it out:


April 2019: Nature Communications Paper

Our paper on cascaded collimators for atomic beams traveling in planar silicon devices appeared today in Nature Communications:


See also the tweet to the nice write-up by Ben Brumfield of Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences:

This work was the result of a collaboration with Farrokh Ayazi’s group in ECE at Georgia Tech.  Congratulations to 1st author Chao Li and to everyone on the team!