October and November 2020: Two new papers on the arXiv

New experimental paper on domain wall magnetic solitons (DWMS) uses SO(3) symmetry to create 3-component solitons.
This work was a collaboration with Kazuya Fujimoto of  Nagoya University:

Xiao Chai, Di Lao, Kazuya Fujimoto, and Chandra Raman, Magnetic soliton: from two to three components with SO(3) symmetry,

And a recent theory paper in collaboration with Li You of Tsinghua University:

Xiao Chai, Li You and Chandra Raman, Magnetic solitons in an immiscible two-component Bose-Einstein condensate,


October 2020: New paper in Optics Letters

Today our paper “High Quality factor micro-ring resonator for strong atom-light interactions using miniature atomic beams”, a collaborative study with Ali Adibi’s group at Georgia Tech ECE, appeared in Optics Letters.  Congratulations to co-first authors Ali Eshaghian Dorche of ECE and Bochao Wei of the Raman Lab for this achievement!


Arxiv version: