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Graduate Students:

Chao Li [Email]


I got my B.S. degree in physics from JLU, China in 2016. I undertook an academic internship at NTU, Singapore focusing on superhard materials in Summer 2014. I was a visiting student at Georgia Tech in Spring 2015. My research interests shifted from condensed matter towards atom optics after joining Raman Lab in Spring 2017. Now, I am working on atom interferometry and excited to develop the next generation of precision inertial sensing technology.

Di Lao [Email]

I am a graduate student in the school of physics. I received my B.S. degree in Physics from SJTU in 2016 and I joined Dr. Raman’s lab in August 2017. My scientific interest lies in the study of interaction between laser and quantum system. I worked on numerical simulation of interaction between ultrafast laser and atoms and experimental quantum information before. Currently I am working on non-equilibrium phenomena in antiferromagnetic spinor  BEC.

Xiao Chai [Email]

I started to work at Raman Lab since Fall 2017. I received my B.S. degree in physics at Fudan University. Previously I was focusing on the study of resonant dipole-dipole interaction between cold atoms in laser fields. I also did some fabrication using photolithography. Now my research interests lie in AMO physics in general. As a kick-off, I am using the delayed self-heterodyne method to help diagnose the linewidth of lasers serving in the group. Outside of the lab, I enjoy guitar, ping pong and anime.


Bochao Wei [Email]

I graduated with a B.S. degree in Physics at Nanjing University in 2017. I was focusing on using ultrafast lasers to probe the magneto-optic effect in perovskite. My interest gradually shifted to AMO and joined this great lab group in Fall 2017.  I am focusing on using our chip-scale atomic beams to achieve novel quantum applications including strong single atom-photon interaction using microresonator. I love hiking, video games and watching movies. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

Alex Crawford [Email]

I graduated with my B.S. in Physics from California Polytechnic State University SLO in 2018, where my thesis focused on the assembly of an injection locked laser system and the characterization of its lock efficiency. I joined the Raman Lab in Fall 2019 to continue working with cold neutral atom traps and contribute to micro-scaling this technology for a wide range of applications. Prior to this I had done research in different areas of applied optics such as RF detection of neutrinos, laser safety system development using live aircraft location data, and chiral molecular spectroscopy. Outside of lab I enjoy learning different styles of dance and knitting.

Undergraduate students

Autumn Caraway

autumnAutumn is a Computer Engineering Major from Texas. She joined Raman lab in Fall 2016 and received a President’s Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) for summer research in Spring 2017. Now, she is developing RF electronics (e.g. Arduino frequency synthesizer) and a data acquisition system for the group.




Jacob Wilson

Jacob transferred to GT from the UGA in May of 2016. He joined us in the fall of that year and has since devoted himself to numerical simulations. Topics range from Monte Carlo molecular modeling to quantum jump atomic simulations. In his spare time, he enjoys making films and is also an avid photographer. In fall of 2017, he began serving as a tutor at the Atlanta Girl’s School and Georgia Tech’s own Center for Academic Success.





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